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In an urban location in the 2nd district, between Augarten and Vienna’s city center, a residential project with exclusive apartments is being built in the listed brick building at Obere Donaustraße 19: DAS ARTMANN.

  • 75 representative condominiums
  • 4 exclusive penthouses
  • 1 to 7 rooms
  • 41 to 288 m² living space
  • Sunny balconies facing the quiet inner courtyard
  • Extensive terraces in the DG units / penthouses
  • Impressive staircase in art nouveau style
  • Attractive city location
  • Perfect connection & excellent infrastructure
  • In-house underground parking
  • Service amenities such as concierge service


Preliminary energy indicators for the overall building:
HWB Ref,SK: 47,4 kWh/m²a
fGEE,SK: 0,87


Our top priority with this extraordinary property: to preserve the uniqueness and the worthy of protection of the building and to supplement it with innovative design ideas as well as the most modern living comfort.


DAS ARTMANN comprises 75 condominiums and offers the right residential unit for every living situation.

The standard floors contain apartments with a living area of 41 m² to 132 m², the attic floors contain units between 41 m² and 166 m², up to the four penthouses: two with 153 m² each (+ 85 m² terrace), two with 288 m² living area each (+ 120 m² terrace).  The ground floor is intended for commercial use.

In addition to the well-designed residential units, future residents can expect further service amenities and a personal concierge service.

Discover the living of the future.

In a building with history. DAS ARTMANN.


We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the European Property Award 2023 – 2024 in the category „Architecture Multiple Residence for Austria“ for this project.

This international architecture award is given annually to companies from nine regions worldwide for residential and commercial real estate. The main categories are Architecture, Development, Interior Design and Real Estate.

DAS ARTMANN was able to convince the top-class jury and our CEO and CFO received our award at the award ceremony in London in June.


It is with good reason that Vienna has been named the world’s most livable city ten times in a row: excellent infrastructure, comprehensive health care, a wide range of leisure, cultural and educational opportunities and numerous parks and green spaces ensure the highest quality of life and an atmosphere of well-being.


DAS ARTMANN impresses especially with its attractive location: right in the middle of the city, but with plenty of greenery and leisure opportunities in all different directions.

The Danube Canal on the very doorstep invites not only sports enthusiasts to go cycling and jogging, but also promenaders and night owls to stroll and linger. The Summerstage is also only a stone’s throw away.

Directly behind the ARTMANN is the 52-hectare Augarten, one of Vienna’s oldest baroque gardens. Perfect for a morning run, a leisurely family afternoon at the playground or an evening glass of wine in the Gastgarten.


Close to the center and ideally connected.

The building’s own underground parking garage offers adequate comfort for drivers, the connection to the Lände as well as the quick accessibility of the highway ensure fast travel. Those who prefer public transport will also be happy: with the Straßenbahn 31, the busses 5A and 5B and of course the U4 you are ideally connected to the public.


With great attention to detail, the historic old building is being revitalized and contemporary elements are being added to the building, which is steeped in history.

In addition to preserving the original building fabric, the highest attention was paid to modern furnishings and intelligent room concepts. The result is a successful symbiosis of old and new that inspires and astounds in equal measure.

DAS ARTMANN combines functionality with timeless elegance: In addition to the building’s own underground parking garage, numerous bicycle parking spaces in the courtyard and the elevators, which connect the regular floors and two attic floors barrier-free and comfortably, the apartments also convince with
  • Floor heating
  • air-conditioning (prepared on the main floors and installed in the attic units)
  • high-quality brand-name bathrooms, fittings and sanitary products

In the old building units you will find
  • high-quality herringbone parquet
  • elaborate stuccowork
  • extraordinary skirting boards
  • room heights up to 3,5m

In the new building units you will be delighted by
  • innovative room concepts (on request already existing interior design concept proposals)
  • open spaces in the green and quiet inner courtyard
Innenrendering 2


If you wish, our interior partners Cordier Innenarchitektur and Hoflehner Interiors will be happy to assist you with interior design and furnishing.

Different design proposals have already been developed especially for the project. Hoflehner and Cordier enable you to plan your apartment individually and to take your wishes into account already during the construction phase. So we can finally present you a unique & tailor-made furnishing package, specifically adapted to your ideas & style.

For a first impression, please find our Interior Design brochure below:


The demands for quality do not end at one’s own front door. DAS ARTMANN impresses with extensive additional assets:

In the in-house fitness room, residents find a sporty balance to their stressful everyday lives.

The wellness area offers relaxation and recreation from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Those who want to hold meetings in the building but not within their own four walls can use the office rooms.

Exclusively for family and friends of the residents, there is the possibility to spend the night comfortably in one of the guest apartments located in the same building.

To ensure that no wishes remain unfulfilled, the in-house concierge service takes care of the residents‘ individual needs, both large and small.


DAS ARTMANN combines state-of-the art energy concepts with the demand for modern construction & living. Heating and cooling are implemented via a water-heat pump. Green electricity, together with the own photovoltaic system on the roof and in combination with geothermal energy from the Danube Canal make DAS ARTMANN largely independent of fossil fuels. District heating is only used for peak coverage. Due to the high efficiency of this innovative energy concept, a significant annual CO2 reduction is achieved.


As different as people are, as different are their needs. At ARTMANN, everyone from students to singles, families to couples with the highest demands will find what they are looking for. Take a look at the units that are still available.



Top 2.01 Top 2.03 Top 3.01 Top 3.03 Guest Lounge Office Space Top 3.02

Guest Lounge

Office Space



Top 1.15 Top 1.16 Top 1.17 Top 1.18 Top 1.19 Top 1.20 Top 2.08 Top 3.07 Top 3.08 Guest Lounge Office Space Top 1.14 Top 2.09 Top 3.09

Guest Lounge

Office Space


Top 1.25 Top 1.27 Top 1.29 Top 1.30 Top 1.31 Top 2.11 Top 2.12 Top 3.10 Top 3.12 Guest Lounge Office Space Top 1.28 Top 1.32

Guest Lounge

Office Space


Top 1.34 Top 1.41 Top 2.15 Top 3.13 Top 3.14 Top 3.15 B1




[table id=2 /]
1.OGTop 1.014123 m²4 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.OGTop 1.02275 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.OGTop 1.03272 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.OGTop 1.043109 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.OGTop 1.05172 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.OGTop 1.06147 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.OGTop 1.07272 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.OGTop 1.083110 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.OGTop 1.09272 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.OGTop 1.10274 m²551.665 €496.498 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
1.OGTop 1.114122 m²3 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.OGTop 2.013118 m²16 m²958.040 €862.236 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
1.OGTop 2.02253 m²9 m²--Zubauvergeben-
1.OGTop 2.03141 m²6 m²400.815 €360.734 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
1.OGTop 3.013117 m²16 m²958.040 €862.236 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
1.OGTop 3.02253 m²9 m²490.478 €441.431 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
1.OGTop 3.03141 m²7 m²400.815 €360.734 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
ZGTop 2.043118 m²16 m²--Zubauvergeben-
ZGTop 2.05253 m²9 m²--Zubauvergeben-
ZGTop 2.06141 m²6 m²430.599 €387.539 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
ZGTop 3.043117 m²16 m²1.029.982 €926.984 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
ZGTop 3.05253 m²9 m²--Zubauvergeben-
ZGTop 3.06141 m²7 m²430.599 €387.539 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.OGTop 1.124129 m²4 m²--Altbauvergeben-
2.OGTop 1.13275 m²--Altbauvergeben-
2.OGTop 1.14273 m²689.260 €620.334 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.OGTop 1.153113 m²1.093.726 €984.354 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.OGTop 1.16172 m²694.928 €625.435 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.OGTop 1.17148 m²487.702 €438.932 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.OGTop 1.18273 m²685.009 €616.508 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.OGTop 1.193114 m²1.098.301 €988.471 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.OGTop 1.20274 m²698.611 €628.750 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.OGTop 1.21275 m²--Altbauvergeben-
2.OGTop 1.224129 m²3 m²--Altbauvergeben-
2.OGTop 2.073118 m²16 m²--Zubauvergeben-
2.OGTop 2.08253 m²9 m²598.490 €538.641 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.OGTop 2.09141 m²6 m²488.858 €439.972 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.OGTop 3.073117 m²16 m²1.169.077 €1.052.169 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.OGTop 3.08253 m²9 m²598.490 €538.641 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.OGTop 3.09142 m²7 m²488.858 €439.972 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
3.OGTop 1.234132 m²4 m²--Altbauvergeben-
3.OGTop 1.24280 m²--AltbauMusterwohnungPDF öffnen
3.OGTop 1.25275 m²778.182 €700.364 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
3.OGTop 1.263117 m²--Altbauvergeben-
3.OGTop 1.27172 m²771.821 €694.639 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
3.OGTop 1.28150 m²564.569 €508.113 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
3.OGTop 1.29274 m²771.404 €694.263 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
3.OGTop 1.303117 m²1.253.495 €1.128.145 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
3.OGTop 1.31276 m²790.696 €711.627 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
3.OGTop 1.32277 m²790.595 €711.535 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
3.OGTop 1.334132 m²3 m²--Altbauvergeben-
3.OGTop 2.103118 m²16 m²--Zubauvergeben-
3.OGTop 2.11253 m²9 m²665.679 €599.111 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
3.OGTop 2.12141 m²6 m²543.765 €489.388 €ZubauMusterwohnungPDF öffnen
3.OGTop 3.103117 m²16 m²1.299.450 €1.169.505 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
3.OGTop 3.11253 m²9 m²--Zubauvergeben-
3.OGTop 3.12141 m²7 m²543.765 €489.388 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
1.DGTop 1.342,576 m²4 m²1.039.982 €935.984 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
1.DGTop 1.353126 m²15 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.DGTop 1.36281 m²14 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.DGTop 1.374207 m²22 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.DGTop 1.383121 m²11 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.DGTop 1.393123 m²25 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.DGTop 1.403125 m²15 m²--Altbauvergeben-
1.DGTop 1.412,576 m²3 m²1.039.982 €935.984 €AltbauverfügbarPDF öffnen
1.DGTop 2.133118 m²16 m²--Zubauvergeben-
1.DGTop 2.14253 m²9 m²--Zubauvergeben-
1.DGTop 2.15141 m²6 m²600.088 €540.007 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
1.DGTop 3.133118 m²16 m²1.446.875 €1.302.188 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
1.DGTop 3.14253 m²9 m²734.649 €661.184 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
1.DGTop 3.15141 m²7 m²600.008 €540.007 €ZubauverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.DGTop 1.424153 m²90 m²3.574.129 €3.216.716 €PenthouseverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.DGTop 1.434153 m²90 m²3.574.129 €3.216.716 €PenthouseverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.DGTop 2.165 bis 7287 m²117 m²6.232.756 €5.609.480 €PenthouseverfügbarPDF öffnen
2.DGTop 3.165 bis 7287 m²120 m²6.259.497 €5.633.547 €PenthouseverfügbarPDF öffnen

The following common areas / services are additionally available to all residents: Fitness and wellness area, office areas, guest lounges, concierge service.

Additional costs purchase: 3.5% Grest, 1.1% registration in the land register, 3% plus VAT brokerage fee, 1.8% plus VAT contract preparation costs. 


Founded in 1993, CUUBUUS is today one of the top providers of state-of-the-art architectural services in Austria.

From project development and architectural planning to project management of new buildings and thoroughly renovated buildings. From conception to turnkey handover. Always economical and ecological.

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